Using my.viewranger

Starting from scratch you need to open a my viewranger account at

Register an account with your name and e-mail address and password and record it for future reference. When you have the account created you can add what you like to your profile – perhaps a description of your interests and a small photo of your face, walking boots, bike or whatever, if you wish to.

Once you have used my.viewranger for some time there will be a significant amount of information on your home page depending how you wish to use the app. The information can be private or public. In my case the Home Page shows all sorts of information and in the workshop,

A lots of things you may have considered doing in the app are easier to do using my.viewranger, such as buying map credits from the shop, planning a route or importing a track. When the work is done on your PC it is then a simple matter of syncing your phone or tablet and everything will be in line. Any map credits, premium maps or subscriptions purchased for use in the app will be visible in your my.viewranger account.

Above is the banner at the top of the webpage on every page you view in my.viewranger. I’ll try to explain where each heading will take you and what it can be used for.


• Will show how many map credits you hold for purchasing maps, map tiles or subscriptions. You may activate credits, maps or subscriptions here. You can also search for users you may know by name so you can "favourite" them.
• My routes and tracks – the my.viewranger server will retain a record of your activity if you wish. In my case virtually all my activity walking and cycling is retained since I starting using the app in May 2016.
• My Track stats will provide statistics if you are into that – click on more stats for information. The information is as good as you make it. It’s important if you use this that after every walk you edit the walk name so it can be recalled. If you do not do this the name will default to the date and time you started the walk and look very confusing when you view your tracks or routes!

• Outdoor Challenges – you can set a mileage target for each year and try to achieve it if you wish.
• What’s going on? You can favourite friends who you know use Viewranger and look at their tracks and routes to see where they have been - assuming they make them publicly available on my.viewranger.
• Routes you have purchased – this shows any route you have purchased, which includes any free downloads you have taken off the server. It can be edited like most things in my.viewranger.

Find route:

Clicking the heading opens up a map near to where you are located which displays routes which have been uploaded to my.viewranger by individuals like me or organisations such as Walking World. You may download these routes into your account and follow them using your app if you wish. Most are free of charge and will not take away any map credits you have. You can filter map results for walking, cycling, canoeing, flying etc. To go to a different area drag the map and then zoom in with your mouse to find routes.

Routes and Tracks:

I spend a lot of time using functions within this heading to plan routes, edit them and edit tracks from my activity after the event.

My account:

• My Profile – here you edit your profile, add or remove your picture, add your interests and choose certain settings.
• Email and push settings – personal preference – I have everything turned off.
• Plug ins – I am registered with Twitter and am a contributor/subscriber to Walking World so these boxes are filled in in my case.
• Log in details – where you can change your password. The password across all devices and in my.viewranger should be identical.
• Account History – shows in detail the mapping and map tiles you have purchased.
• My subscriptions – shows active and expired subscriptions
• Manage my favourites – allows you to "unfollow" your Favourite people.
• Credits and devices – display map credits, registered handsets and allows you to activate maps and subscriptions if you have a valid serial number.
• Manage devices – allows you to manage up to 4 devices, phones and tablets where your mapping can be used. You can deactivate a device and add a new device within the limit of 4.
• Challenges – here you can sign up to a personal challenge and be part of a "league table" I understand…
• Buddy Beacon – I’ve never set mine up but an interesting feature all the same which can be configured here.
• Shop – where you can purchase maps, subscriptions, map tiles as downloads or if you pay the extra on CD-ROM or SD card.
• Support – Full of FAQs and excellent knowledge books for Android, iOS and my.viewranger - far more than I can explain on this sheet. If you get really stuck and cannot find the answer and you email Viewranger I have found they respond quickly, but I haven’t had to do this for a couple of years so hopefully the service is still as good.

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